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There's no better choice for your siding and window needs than Overton's. As our name implies we can expertly repair and install quality vinyl siding that will add years to your home---but that's far from all we do. We also specialize in installing replacement doors, windows, overhead patios and even gutters! And with free estimates and financing available, you get it all when you do business with us. Take a moment to learn more about our range of services below. For more details, call us today at (870) 239-9184.

New door

New house siding

New gutters

The Benefits
Of New Doors & Windows

Take a moment to explore some of the benefits in having your doors and windows updated below.


  1. Curb appeal and enhance beauty
  2. Very easy to clean and no more ladders
  3. Thermal glass = noise reduction
  4. Low E glass and Argon Gas = reduced electric consumption
  5. Add value to your home. On average, 77.5% return if you sell


  1. Adds curb appeal
  2. Easy to clean and no more painting
  3. Reduces energy costs
  4. Add value to your home. Recoup up to 89% of your investment if you sell.
  5. Protects your home year round.

    Replacement Windows

    Windows are immense features of any home and for good reason. They add natural light, added curbside appeal and increased functionality. How? Let's put it this way. Windows help keep your home ventilated; without them, your home would run the risk of stagnation. But with that being said, when windows are not optimally installed and secured, there's the threat of leaks and draftiness which can elevate your electric bill and no one wants that. But you never have to worry about that when you hire Overton's to do your job. We don't cut corners on replacing your windows. We do our part to install the best materials for the best price. Our experts are careful in taking steps to weatherize your window openings with sealants, flashing tape and more. No matter if it's new window installation, window repair, replacement windows or more - Overton Siding & Windows has the skills and experience you want when getting professional service for your windows, doors, and siding.

    Replacement Doors

    When it's time for a new door or two, don't hassle with the task yourself. Instead, leave it to Overton's. We can efficiently replace front doors and bedroom doors with ease to add more value and increase aesthetic appeal to your home. After all, nothing is more frustrating than an old door that continually gets jammed. So if you're struggling with old doors that just don't cut it, call us today at (870) 239-9184 and we'll be on it!

    Vinyl Siding

    It's something easily overlooked but we can promise that when it's time to have it replaced or repaired, you'll definitely begin to notice. Siding serves as a protective barrier for your home; it repels rain, debris, and pests that can cause severe damage to any structure and even result in collapse over prolonged exposure. With that being said, we're committed to keeping homeowners and business owners alike informed of their siding. If you suspect it's time for new siding there's no better expert to call than Overton's. We stand behind our word and give our best to installing or repairing broken siding. Our specialty lies in vinyl siding because of the proven durability and lasting effects. Siding can add an aesthetic, and protection to your home. Vinyl siding is one of the most popular materials to use for siding in the industry today. For professional and experienced Vinyl Siding installation, Contact us now!

    Patio Covers & Gutters

    Beyond our traditional services of window replacements and siding, we take on the additional outdoor features of your home which include gutters and patio covers. While you may not desire a patio cover, everyone needs gutters. Plain and simple. They are vital components to the home because they collect excess leaves and debris and drain water from your roof. So if your gutters are old or in need or repair, we can effectively replace them!

    Now let's discuss the benefits and appeal of patio covers. These additions are luxurious features which protect your lounge space from the blistering sun to keep you cooler in the summer! Patio covers also protect your exterior doors from the extreme elements and preserve the life of your doors! Not only that, but they add a striking visual appeal that sells for potential buyers.

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